Hangry Patrick Queen cites 'food' as a reason why atmosphere is better in Pittsburgh

Patrick Queen lists several reasons why he chose Pittsburgh over Baltimore... and food is apparently one of them.
Patrick Queen, Najee Harris
Patrick Queen, Najee Harris / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Queen is hardly the first NFL player to jump ship from one divisional rival to another. The former first-round pick of the Ravens spent the past four seasons in Baltimore, but when he hit the free agent market early in the 2024 offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers were quick to poach the Pro Bowl linebacker.

Queen is loving the change. The talented linebacker recently spoke to Mark Kaboly of The Athletic where he described all of the things he loves about being in Pittsburgh.

Interestingly, one of the changes he felt abridged to acknowledge is the stark difference in food. Here's what he had to say about his decision to sign with Pittsburgh:

"It was a no-brainer. At the end of the day, money makes you happy, but you also have to win to be happy. I’d rather win and be happy than be miserable with a lot of money. It’s a better atmosphere here for me. Everybody is cool, the people are cool, the players are cool and the food spots are better. I am a big food guy. I love food. I am more of a true food guy rather than a seafood guy. I like meat and stuff like that. It’s just a better atmosphere for me here.”"

Patrick Queen, via The Athletic

Apparently Baltimore has too much seafood. Who knew?

While Queen pointed to financial compensation and winning football games as primary reasons why he's happier in Pittsburgh than in Baltimore, it's rare to hear a player say that food and atmosphere is a factors in determining which organization to play for.

We don't blame him. Pittsburgh triumphs over Baltimore in that regard. Queen is a 'true food' kind of guy, and The Burgh offers just what he needs to avoid becoming hangry.

Patrick Queen has a bright future with the Pittsburgh Steelers

More important than his food takes is how he performs on the field. It's interesting to hear him say that winning was a factor when signing with the Steelers, considering the Ravens are coming off a 13-4 season with a 34-10 playoff win in the divisional round over the Texans.

Regardless, Queen is clearly set on winning in Pittsburgh, and his performance could help dictate how good this defense could be in 2024 and beyond. After a shaky start to his NFL career, things seemed to turn around quickly when the Ravens traded for LB Roquan Smith.

I'm sure Queen has heard all about this, and perhaps an unmentioned reason for leaving was to get out of Roquan's shadow and write his own story (I'm purely speculating, of course). The good news is that the future is bright.

Despite getting set to enter his fifth NFL season, Patrick Queen is somehow still 24 years old, and he doesn't turn 25 until Week 2 of the 2024 preseason. Queen is also coming off easily the best year of his career after recording 133 tackles, 9 tackles for a loss, 3.5 sacks, and an interception.

Queen has never missed a game in the NFL, and the arrow continues to point up. Even if he would have hated Pittsburgh's cuisine, Steelers fans can be thankful that he's here, and his love for the food, the city, and the atmosphere is just an added bonus.