Has the Steelers' Standard Fallen under Mike Tomlin?

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Sunday was a unique opportunity for Steelers fans, as there was plenty of football to watch and no Steelers game to fret over. That said while watching Joe Flacco lead the Browns to a win and the Cowboys move the ball with relative ease, it really makes it hard to stomach being a Steelers fan right now.

The Steelers have lost back-to-back games against two of the worst teams in football at home. Their offense has failed to move the ball, and the defense has lacked any consistency, looking like an elite defense at times before getting gashed for big plays. Seeing the likes of Jake Browning and a decrepit Joe Flacco have better individual games than any Steelers quarterback has had this season is frustrating.

While the Steelers don’t have elite talent everywhere on this team, I find it hard to fault the players. The offense has multiple weapons and a continually improving line while the defense has superstars at every level and is one of the highest-paid units in the league. Yet this team can’t score and consistently allows opposing offenses to remain alive in games.

While coaching isn’t the only blame either, it is starting to look like the bigger issue. I have never been a part of the adamant “Fire Mike Tomlin Crowd” but I have become critical of his style. Despite being one of the most successful coaches in the game, he has little to show for it, especially over the past ten seasons.