How the Steelers can fix the Mike Tomlin problem

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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What next offseason will look like for the Steelers

Beyond a new offensive coordinator, I’m letting Mike Tomlin run this team. Obviously, Omar Khan will be a factor in bringing in new players, but I want Tomlin to craft this team how he wants to. This likely means building around Kenny Pickett some more and hoping for a turnaround.

While I would like to see this team explore the draft for a quarterback, if a playoff win is what is required, the team would be wise to stick with Pickett for another season. I would also be inclined to decline Najee Harris’s fifth-year option, but if Tomlin wants to extend him that is his prerogative.

What I want is for this to truly be Tomlin’s team through and through. That way, there are no excuses if this team once again underwhelms. I don’t think that this is unfair either. Tomlin is a vested coach, the team should be his, and there are plenty of resources for this team to craft another good roster.

If the Steelers do enough to win a playoff game, great. Tomlin sticks around for another season with a new set of criteria. I want sustained success before his seat cools off. A year or two of playoff success and Tomlin will once again be secure.

If Pittsburgh doesn’t win a playoff game next year, then I would thank Tomlin for his time and dismiss him from the team. There are no more excuses anymore. Tomlin needs to get this team back to their winning ways, and if not, I would move forward in a new direction.