How the Steelers can fix the Mike Tomlin problem

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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What I would do if the Steelers fired Tomlin

Now, if Tomlin doesn’t get fired because this team improves then there really isn’t much more to say. He did what he needed to do as a coach, and I wouldn’t be involved anymore. Assuming he does get fired though, there would be some sweeping changes.

For starters, I am looking for an offensive mind to lead this team. While this franchise has a rich history of defensive-minded coaches taking the helm, this is an offensive-run league. It is no secret that the consistent top teams have an offensive mind paired with a talented quarterback. I want the Steelers to be like that.

This could be the *insert name of the offensive coordinator we hired before firing Tomlin, or we could snatch a name from the league. From there, I would want the team to add an experienced defensive coordinator. Take a page from Cleveland’s playbook and the impact Jim Schwartz has had. I want my offensive-minded coach to be paired with a savvy defensive coach.

From there, a quick rebuild would need to happen. If this offense was still struggling, it would be safe to say that Pickett isn’t the guy. Now, I have little idea what pick this fantasy team would hold, likely something close to the middle of the draft, so finding a franchise quarterback may not be in the cards. I wouldn’t force my hand like Pittsburgh did with the Pickett selection. If we can land a top guy that’s great, and if we don’t we roll into the next season with Pickett/some other middling veteran and low expectations.

We also go about shedding some weight from this roster to make room for the future. If Cameron Heyward hasn’t retired, he will likely have to be cut/traded. Other names that wouldn’t be around for the long term include Larry Ogunjobi and Harris to name a few.

My expectations would be low for year one without Tomlin, but patience will be required with a new coach. There will likely be some lean years, as we trade comfort for the chance to finally get this franchise back on track. The new coach would have clear expectations and will need to get this team back in the playoffs sooner rather than later, but there would be some accepted poor years.