How the Steelers can fix the Mike Tomlin problem

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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What would this mean for the Steelers?

Let me be clear, the Steelers don’t suddenly become a Super Bowl competitor by firing Tomlin. I referenced the Smith firing in Chicago from a few seasons ago, and they went into a new era without a quarterback and floundered. They didn’t have a great plan and were impatient with their next round of coaches. You can’t do that in Pittsburgh.

Firing Tomlin and rebuilding the majority of this roster will lead to a few hard years. That means the bottom of the AFC and losing seasons. For a franchise as respected and successful as the Steelers, this will be hard to stomach, but it will be needed. Settling for just enough has set this team back in recent years.

I still contend that the Steelers have a Tomlin issue. While his success as a coach is important to note, he hasn’t kept this team as a viable Super Bowl contender. Sometimes, the game gets away from you, and you are playing like it was ten seasons ago. Unless there is a shift change in how this team plays, the game may truly be past Tomlin and Company.

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Firing Tomlin doesn’t right this ship. In fact, this is a big risk, but for this team to get back in contention, they need to do something. Settling for winning seasons and no playoff success isn’t enough. This is how I would fix the Tomlin issue, as it provides him a chance to earn keep his job, and a set plan in case he doesn’t get back on the right track.