How to listen to the Steelers game on the radio tonight

Many folks won't have access to watch tonight's Steelers game, but here are all of your listening options for TNF.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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There are some weeks when we can legitimately say that you didn't miss much if you weren't able to catch the Steelers game on TV. Mike Tomlin's team has put up a few barnburners early in the 2023 season, and some matchups have been downright painful to watch.

This week, however, could prove to be a turning point of the season. Following a loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8, the Steelers will kick off Week 9 on a short week with the Thursday Night Football matchup against the Titans who are fresh off an impressive win.

The Titans had the appearance of a team that would be tanking in the second half of the season, but rookie QB Will Levis exploded onto the screen in his first-ever NFL game in a four-touchdown performance. He will look to keep that momentum going against Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately for football fans, tonight's Steelers vs. Titans game will be streamed exclusively on Prime Video, and only local fans and Amazon members are able to watch this Week 9 contest. If you aren't part of this group and don't feel like forking up for another subscription, there are plenty of listening options for tonight's game.

How to listen to Steelers vs. Titans on the radio

For those hoping to catch the game in some form or fashion tonight, listening to the game on the radio is always a reliable option. Even if you can't see the game, the colorful commentary by the Steelers crew can help paint a vivid visual of what's going on at Acrisure Stadium.

One of the easiest ways to listen to the Steelers game tonight is by going to Steelers Nation Radio on You can listen along to Bill Hillgrove and Craig Wolfley as they announce the game. The best part is this option is completely free and is available to anyone with internet access. Game coverage begins at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time tonight.

Fans living locally or in the surrounding areas can listen to the game on Steelers Radio Network on WDVE 102.5 FM or WBGG 970 AM. You can check your local listing here to see which radio station you need to tune into tonight.

The third option for listening to the Steelers vs. Titans game on the radio is through SiriusXM Radio. This does require a subscription, but a free trial is available. You can listen to the Steelers on Sirius channel 225 at 8:15 p.m. ET tonight or the Titans broadcast on channel 226.