How to watch The NFL Draft With & Without Cable: Full Streaming Guide

Steelers, NFL Draft
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At some point, cable television may become obsolete, but until that time, there are going to be a variety of ways to watch your favorite sports programs. When it comes to the 2023 NFL Draft, we don't want you to have to miss a moment of action.

Whether you plan to watch the draft on cable or if you prefer to stream, there will be options for everyone. The National Football League has found a way to package its product in a way that works for everyone. While plenty of games can be frustrating to find as they may be out of network or on a platform you don't have access to, the NFL Draft will be something that nearly everyone will be able to find.

How to watch the 2023 NFL Draft with cable TV

If you haven't quite ventured into streaming services, don't sweat it. The NFL Draft should be one of the easiest things to find on cable TV. All seven rounds of the draft will air live across major networks like ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network. You can even watch in Spanish on ESPN Deportes if you choose.

If you have access to these network channels, you can flip through them until you find the coverage that you prefer. Each network will have broadcast coverage from different analysts and NFL Draft experts.

How to watch the 2023 NFL Draft without cable

In today's high-speed internet era, there are millions of people around the nation who elect to without cable TV as they make their way into the streaming service world. While there are plenty of streaming services that will not be showing the 2023 NFL Draft, you may be able to find one that works for you.

You can stream the NFL Draft for free by signing up for a streaming service trial with apps like YouTube TV or Hulu Live. We recommend using fuboTV.

Full 2023 NFL Draft Schedule:

The 2023 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, April 27th, and runs through Saturday, April 29th. It's broken up into seven rounds, with round 1 on Thursday, rounds 2-3 on Friday, and rounds 4-7 on Saturday. Here's the complete draft schedule for ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, and ESPN Deportes:

  • Round 1: Thursday, April 27th, 8:00 p.m. ET
  • Rounds 2-3: Friday, April 28th, 7:00 p.m. ET
  • Round 4-7: Saturday, April 29th, 12:00 p.m. ET