Initial grades for the Steelers impressive 2023 draft haul

Georgia offensive tackle Broderick Jones
Georgia offensive tackle Broderick Jones / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers second-round pick: CB Joey Porter

Grade: A+

I’ll be the first to say that I was less high on Joey Porter than most. Far from a perfect prospect, Porter possesses a rare build and the ability to contribute instantly in a man coverage scheme. That said, his upside is undeniable, and had he been taken at pick 17, I would have graded it somewhere in the B range.

The fact that he fell out of the first round was surprising considering the build and potential, and the Steelers using pick 32 on him was great value. Porter was squarely a first-round prospect who fell out of the first round due to the depth of the cornerback class.

I’d expect Porter to instantly see playing time in nickel and dime defense early on, as he can be the outside cornerback early on. I’d expect him to have every opportunity to earn the job as the other outside cornerback for this defense as well.

Though I was in favor of trading back from pick 32, seeing the compensation that the Titans gave to move up to pick 33, I think Porter was the right pick. He fills a major need and has the potential to be a top outside cornerback for this team. The top two picks filled major needs with amazing potential.