Kenny Pickett hardly cracks the top 30 quarterbacks on Madden 24

  • Which quarterbacks are rated higher than Pickett?
  • Madden apparently thinks Pickett is slow
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Madden NFL 24 has finally revealed all of its player ratings for their upcoming video game. Whether you are a fan of the EA Sports game franchise or not, everyone wanted to see where their team's players would be ranked. Many Steelers players have a legitimate reason to gripe about their ratings.

On Friday, Madden wrapped up their player-rating reveal by unveiling the ratings of every NFL quarterback. If you were looking for Kenny Pickett's name, you will need to dig down the list.

What is Kenny Pickett's Madden rating?

Pickett is tied for the 25th-highest-ranked quarterback on Madden NFL 24. His overall rating of just 73 falls below players like Daniel Jones, Matthew Stafford, and Mac Jones, and is just two rating points away from falling outside of the top 30. Pickett also fell just behind the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Bryce Young.

Unsurprisingly, Patrick Mahomes topped the list of quarterbacks -- taking his seat in the '99 Club' once again. He was followed by Joe Burrow (95 overall) and Josh Allen (94). Some of the other quarterbacks that Pickett fell behind in Madden ratings were Jimmy Garoppolo, Justin Fields, and Ryan Tannehill -- all three of whom earned a 76 overall rating or higher.

Interestingly, Madden gave Pickett a speed rating of 81, which was actually one of the lowest marks among the top 32 quarterbacks in the game. Players like Baker Mayfield (82), Tua Tagovailoa (82), and Joe Burrow are all faster in the video game.

Where should Kenny Pickett be ranked among NFL quarterbacks?

As much as we like to criticize Madden for their player ratings, it's hard to be too upset with where they have Kenny Pickett slotted among the group. If we only take the sample of his games over the second half of the season, you could argue that he should be a few points higher.

However, other respectable quarterbacks who were more proven still earned unspectacular grades. Personally, I think that Pickett probably deserves to be in the same rating range as players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Ryan Tannehill, and Russell Wilson. This would make him roughly a 77 overall -- a big step up from the 73 rating he earned on Madden 24.

Regardless of where he falls in the rankings, we aren't going to lose sleep over this. Pickett could very well explode for a big season in 2023. At this time, the developers could go back and update their player ratings. Until then, if you intend to purchase the game and enter franchise mode or play PVP, just keep in mind that roughly 25 quarterbacks are better than him on Madden 24 right now.

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