Kenny Pickett says Steelers WR George Pickens has 'Hall of Fame-type talent'

The praise for Pickens might be too high... but we get it.

Pittsburgh Steelers, George Pickens
Pittsburgh Steelers, George Pickens / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

After a nearly flawless preseason, George Pickens had a relatively slow start to the year. In the opening game against a talented 49ers team, the Pittsburgh Steelers former second-round pick was held in check -- earning just 36 yards on 7 targets. However, we knew he wasn't going to be held down for long.

Over the past two weeks, Pickens has reeled in 8 catches for a whopping 202 yards and a touchdown. The young receiver is currently averaging 18.3 yards per reception and 10.3 yards per target on the year, according to Pro Football Reference.

Unless you've been living under a rock, there's little chance that you haven't seen Pickens pop when watching a Steelers game. T.J. Watt has noted several times that he doesn't think Pickens knows how good he can be. Now it's his quarterback who is giving him praise.

Recently, Kenny Pickett spoke to the media and had limitless praise for Pickens.

"“[George Pickens] can be a Hall of Fame type talent. The things you can’t teach he naturally does. The world doesn’t see what he does at practice. He’s a special, special player and I’m grateful he is on the team and that I can be part of his journey. He’s gonna be a huge part of our journey as a team and as an offense.”"

Kenny Pickett

It's important to take Pickett's words with a grain of salt. George Pickens is his teammate, friend, and go-to target. There's no reason to suggest that Pickett would have anything but positive words. At the same time, you don't just come out and call anyone a 'Hall of Fame-type talent' without being scrutinized by the media.

While Hall of Fame aspirations are something we can talk about way down the line, there's no doubt that Pickens has freakish talent. From his ball-tracking ability to winning contested catches to contorting his body -- he can do it all.

Pickens has even shown this year how good he can be after the catch with the ball in his hands. Though three games, Pickens has already compiled 116 yards after the catch. In comparison, as a rookie in 2022, Pickens had just 104 yards after the catch in 17 games.

Pickens is heating up, and even casual football watchers can see how immensely talented he is. Kenny Pickett's praise might be too high, but the sky does appear to be the limit of George Pickens' potential with the Pittsburgh Steelers.