Kenny Pickett vs. C.J. Stroud: Why critics of Steelers' QB must keep perspective

Kenny Pickett isn't putting up gaudy numbers, but we must keep things in perspective when comparing him to C.J. Stroud.
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Victory trumps stats: Why winning is what truly matters

First and foremost, Pickett is operating within a fundamentally flawed scheme and offense. You don't need advanced stats to see how ineffective Matt Canada's coaching has been. Those who watch every week can attest to the chaos in the offense. Expecting Pickett to light up defenses in this offense is unrealistic.

What's important is that he's doing everything he's asked to do - winning games and protecting the football. In the current offensive system, we shouldn't anticipate eye-popping numbers. Pickett is meeting the team's needs by winning games and protecting the football.

Pickett's stats may not be eye-popping, but his ability to win games and limit turnovers is commendable. He has 7 game-winning drives and holds a record of 12-5 in his last 17 starts. While there are many areas where Pickett needs improvement, criticizing him solely based on stats is unfair. He is fulfilling his role and achieving the most critical aspect - WINNING.

However, the fans who expect gaudy statistics need to be patient. Significant statistical improvements may not become apparent until next year when the conditions are more favorable for Pickett. In the current offense, it's unrealistic to expect him to throw for 300 yards and 3 TDs. The focus should be on what he's being asked to do, which is not turning the ball over and winning close games.

Full evaluation must wait till next year: Patience Is Key

The fans need to understand that evaluating a young quarterback takes time, especially with the challenges Pickett has faced in this offense. It's a matter of the right situation and time for all elements to come together. We were fortunate to see Ben Roethlisberger succeed as a rookie, but not every young quarterback will have the same immediate success.

It's important to remember that the quarterback position is one of the most challenging in all of sports. It takes time for young quarterbacks to develop and reach their potential. The fan base must show patience in this process and understand that good things take time. Unfortunately, it seems we'll have to wait until next year to definitively determine if Pickett is the answer.