Loss to Cardinals was proof that Matt Canada wasn't the Steelers only problem

  • They have built things poorly
  • The Steelers built to protect their new standard
  • There are many other problems beyond the offense

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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There was universal rejoicing when the Steelers announced that they had parted ways with offensive coordinator Matt Canada a few weeks ago. Long hailed as the biggest issue on the team, firing Canada was a clear issue for this team. His offensive scheme was lacking and failed to both score and move the ball.

For those who felt like Canada was the only issue, they felt vindicated after the Bengals win. In their first outing without him, the offense went over 400 yards, ran the ball like they had scripted out this season, and actually won the game. Things weren’t perfect, but it looked a little brighter in the post-Canada era.

Unfortunately, this week was a shot back to reality for the team, as they lost to the lowly Cardinals at home. While the offense still had moments when they looked good on the ground, the team as a whole only put up ten total points to legitimately one of the worst teams in football.

This has once again caused Steelers Nation to be up and arms, but once again, I see so many making excuses for this team. From the injuries to the weather, quite a few fans have already come to terms with the loss and think that this will be a minor setback for an otherwise good/great team.

I’ve said this since the start of the season, and I still believe that it is true: Canada was an issue for this team, but he wasn’t the only issue. Sunday proved just that.