How to make the Steelers competitive again in 2023

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Steelers Mock Draft Round 3 (via NO): NT Keeanu Benton

This is where the trade-back becomes big. The Steelers added to their offensive line, filled out some defensive pieces, and now they land a big body to command space along the interior of a defense. As mentioned, nose tackle is one of the weakest spots on the roster but adding Keeanu Benton should aid that.

Benton has already caught the Steelers' eyes, and it isn’t hard to see why. Benton has been extremely successful as a space-eater at Wisconsin and will likely continue to be that at the next level. He has incredible strength and uses that power to collapse lanes in run defense. He is one of the soundest run defenders in the draft.

The issue with Benton is his lack of ability as a pass rusher. He doesn’t have much in terms of a plan outside of power, and it made him ineffective there in college. Even if he never develops into an elite pass rusher, Benton should be a great addition to the middle of this defense and help aid in stopping opposing run games moving forward.