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Steelers Mock Draft Round 3: DE Gervon Dexter

The Steelers wouldn’t have an immediate need at defensive end in this scenario, but it is hard not to connect the team to Gervon Dexter. The Florida product feels like an obvious name to draw connections to. From his size to his length, to his youthful age, Dexter would be a natural developmental candidate for this line.

Dexter is a traits-heavy player that won that way in college. He lacks the finesse and plan to beat linemen, but his athleticism and power got the job done in school. Add in the length and he has all the traits to be great, but he will need some time to hone his skills. Pittsburgh would be able to offer him that.

Of all the names in this draft so far, Dexter would be the most likely name to take a redshirt year. He can sit behind the depth and hone his skills during his first season. His size and potential are too hard to pass up, and long term he could become a viable starter. He needs some work as a pass rusher, but he is a natural fit for this defense.