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Wanya Morris. player. 464. . OT. Oklahoma. 7.

Steelers Mock Draft Round 7: OT Wanya Morris

A late-round pick I am quickly falling in love with, I think a prospect like Wanya Morris is an obvious candidate for the team late in the draft. He has every trait you want in a prospect, from long arms, great size, and plus athleticism. That made him one of the best high school prospects when he entered college level.

He never put everything together though, and after transferring to Oklahoma, his inconsistencies continued to plague him. He needs a lot of work, but as a late-round flyer, Morris has the potential to be a capable starter if he can put everything together. He can very easily flame out, but that kind of risk is worth it in the seventh round.

. . Daniel Scott. 7. DB. California. player. 2287

Steelers Mock Draft Round 7: DB Daniel Scott

Rounding out the draft is a high-floor, low-ceiling type of prospect. Despite a great size, Daniel Scott is missing the athletic element to be a dynamic starter. He lacks the coverage ability to be a traditional free safety and has missed some tackles which makes him a less-than-ideal strong safety.

That said, he plays hard. Add in his experience and he should become a fine-depth player and special teams player. He could see time as a nickel defender if he hits his peak, but his versatility as a reserve is worth the pick.