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Steelers Mock Draft Round 1: OL Peter Skoronski

With pick 17, the Steelers finally invest in a top offensive lineman who favors the left side. While fans are clamoring for a complete rebuild, there isn’t enough capital for that. Instead, right tackle got improved in free agency and the team finds some help for the left side of the line in Peter Skoronski.

Skoronski is arguably the best technician as a lineman in the entire class. He moves his feet well and is a predictive player off the line of scrimmage. He isn’t weak in either his run blocking or pass blocking.

The issue with Skoronski is his arms. They are notably short for a tackle, and while he overcame that in school, the pro game is a different story. He could stick at tackle, but I ultimately think he would be best served as a guard. That is right where I would play him, as I would slot him in as the left guard in this line.

The interior of the line is now one of the strongest on the roster. Skoronski will need some time to transition to playing guard, but he has the makings of an elite player there. The Steelers should be thrilled if they can land a player of Skoronski’s caliber ends up on their roster after the first round.