Mike Tomlin expects a contract extension, Art Rooney II ready to sign off on new deal

Like it or not, Mike Tomlin isn't going anywhere (and won't be for a while).

Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Since abruptly walking away from the podium after being asked about the 'year remaining on his contract,' fans and the media alike were very interested to hear Mike Tomlin address his contract situation. The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach did exactly that on Thursday afternoon.

Tomlin answered questions pertaining to his contract and whether or not he was going to be getting an extension with the Steelers during his post-season press conference. The long-time head coach insisted that he expects to be back, but he also expanded on his contract situation.

"“That’s a component of it, but that’s probably the only level of importance for me. Security is cool, but it’s not a top priority for me. I’m not job scared, but it does provide less questions.

“It’ll get done when it gets done. It’s not a top priority for me.”"

Mike Tomlin via press conference

Tomlin didn't come right out and say that he and the organization have a contract extension in the works, but is very clear that he's not worried about how long he's going to stick around by saying things like 'I'm not job scared,' and 'It'll get done when it gets done,' (referring directly to his looming extension). He also noted that he believes a new deal will get done in 'a timely manner.'

"“Yes, I expect to be back. I’d imagine those contract things are gonna run their course. Art and I have a really good, transparent relationship. We communicate continually, often. I don’t Imagine it’s gonna be an issue and I imagine it’s gonna get done in a timely manner at the appropriate time.”"

Mike Tomlin via press conference

For some in the Steelers fanbase, this might not have been the response they were hoping for. Pittsburgh has gone seven straight years without a single playoff win, and there were many taking to social media calling for a change at head coach.

That won't be happening. As we speculated all along, team president Art Rooney II will let Tomlin decide his own terms. It certainly sounds like a Mike Tomlin contract extension is imminent and we would expect something to get done this offseason.

Though the head coach isn't going anywhere, fans should be encouraged by Tomlin's remarks regarding the plans at offensive coordinator in 2024. Tomlin was appreciative of the job that Eddie Faulkner and Mike Sullivan did when called upon but admitted that they will be 'looking at outside candidates' to fill the void at offensive coordinator.

If this proves to be true, it means that fans will not have to worry about another failed in-house hiring. There are several strong candidates that the Pittsburgh Steelers could explore -- including a few from the Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay coaching trees.

Tomlin fielded many questions during his post-season press conference, including questions about Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph. The Steelers HC believes that the starting QB for the 2024 season is already on the roster, and he endorsed Pickett.

Later in the evening, Gerry Dulac confirms that team president Art Rooney II is ready to sign off on a contract extension for Coach Tomlin.