Mike Tomlin has to go following third straight mortifying Steelers loss

At some point, we need to admit that Mike Tomlin has overstayed his welcome in Pittsburgh.

Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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Mike Tomlin can no longer inspire hope in his players

There was a time when it seemed like Steelers players wanted to run through a brick wall for Mike Tomlin. But that feels like ages ago. Over the past several years, it seemed like Tomlin was starting to lose his locker room, and this is the least motivated I've seen a Steelers team in years.

Of course, I don't know about everything that goes on inside the facility. Much of this is nothing more than opinion and speculation. However, it's not hard to read the energy levels or body language of players on the field or on the sidelines, and this team simply looks like it had the wind let out of its sails.

Opposing teams are running down the throat of Pittsburgh's defense, and their humiliating loss against the Indianapolis Colts is further proof that they have no hope of coming back when this team gets behind in football games.

Tomlin could very well be a good head coach again elsewhere, but things have just gotten remarkably stale in Pittsburgh. I don't think the Steelers will ever see the significant changes fans desire unless they hit the reset button. That starts by moving on from head coach Mike Tomlin following the 2023 season.

The Steelers officially have a Mike Tomlin problem. dark. Next. The Steelers officially have a Mike Tomlin problem