Mike Tomlin mock trades: Steelers see a bounty of riches coming to Pittsburgh

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Has the time finally passed where Mike Tomlin needs to be let go? It seems more possible than ever, but it might not mean a contract termination or firing. Maybe both sides are ready to move on and that could mean Mike Tomlin could be traded.

It's not crazy or unimaginable for a Head Coach of a football team in the NFL to be traded away. It would surely be something crazy for Pittsburgh to do, but it might help boost their team right now. Some reports are coming out claiming this outcome could be possible, and the Steelers aren't in a position to ignore trade routes.

LV Pitt

Mike Tomlin could be traded to Las Vegas

One of the best places for sports right now is Las Vegas. That entire city is buzzing and they want the Raiders to be better. Their team has a lot of holes to fill, but the destination alone is enticing.

Tomlin could see a place like Vegas as an opportunity to turn a struggling team around. They will have a high draft pick and could go after one of the many talented quarterbacks coming out of the upcoming draft this year. The compensation could be vast too for Pittsburgh.

They could ask for their top pick in the upcoming draft or they could get a top second round pick this year and a first in 2025. So many options to go with, or maybe even a roster player could be part of the return.