Mike Tomlin mock trades: Steelers see a bounty of riches coming to Pittsburgh

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Tomlin being traded to the Carolina Panthers makes a lot of sense

David Tepper has not been doing great as the owner of the Panthers ever since departing as a minority owner of the Steelers for years before that. There are plenty of Pittsburgh connections with the Carolina organization nowadays. Tepper wants a quick turnaround and he could see Tomlin as the answer to his team's many issues.

Perhaps shipping Tomlin to the Panthers would be disrespectful with how poor the Panthers are and how Tepper runs that place. But it could also be a place where Tomlin has complete control of the team operations and big decisions. It's unknown if Tomlin dislikes sharing those big responsibilities but having complete control would surely be attractive to him.

Carolina Does not have their first-round pick this year but they will have one of the top picks in the second round. The Steelers could very well get the top pick on day two of the draft with this exchange. Because of the Panthers not having a top pick this year they had to pay the price in 2025.

Mike Tomlin would likely hate the idea of losing a lot of these picks, but Carolina has a lot of pieces in place for the future. The Steelers would be thrilled with a haul like this as they will get top picks in each of those rounds they gain. Carolina is years away from contention and will likely struggle. Tomlin will help right the ship but that won't be enough to make them playoff contenders in year one. A great value of draft picks here.