Mike Tomlin mock trades: Steelers see a bounty of riches coming to Pittsburgh

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A move to LA could electrify the NFL world with a Tomlin Trade

Many will see the LA Chargers Head coaching job as a premiere destination. They share a lot of their facilities with the LA Rams and are seen as the little brother in that football town. The Chargers just cleaned house and some top names in the coaching ranks could be interested.

Names like Bill Belichick, Jim Harbaugh, and others could be contacting the Chargers for the top gig. Tomlin could be an interesting name to watch for in that role. The Steelers could get a nice return and send Tomlin somewhere he could enjoy life and football all at once.

There is a lot going on in this mock trade as both teams get plenty in return. The Chargers get Mike Tomlin and a top receiver in this move. Trading away Diontae Johnson would be a crazy move for Pittsburgh. The Steelers do get a big return from this that would be hard to pass on.

Pittsburgh gets Johnson's replacement with a top guy like Keenan Allen to be a top receiver who can play anywhere on the field. They also get two first-round picks back, which not be high selections since the Chargers do have talent. LA needs a leader and someone to get their talent onto the field. Tomlin would be a great fit and the Steelers add tremendous value here with a swap of receivers and two top picks.