Mike Tomlin mock trades: Steelers see a bounty of riches coming to Pittsburgh

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Wash Pitt

A homecoming to Washington could bring a new meaning to the job for Tomlin

Washington is rumored to be moving on from their coaching staff after the season. Tomlin grew up in Virginia and one of the closest NFL teams to him was Washington. A new owner there wants change in a hurry and it seems like they could be willing to pay a hefty price if needed. They could get desperate in a trade scenario.

Tomlin could actually welcome this move as it would get him closer to where he grew up. With his kids all gone to college now, it's possible that he will make a life change to move elsewhere. The Commanders are a fresh team right now and the timing could work out for all parties involved. Keep an eye on Washington this offseason.

Washington gets their guy here with Tomlin. The owners demand a home run hire at their Head coaching vacancy and they pay a hefty price. The Commanders are in a bad place right now as a team with tons of holes needing to be filled. Tomlin would be able to bring in a steady force as a coach, but the club would need a lot of help this offseason and over years of time.

The Steelers get a great value here with Washington as they get two top picks in the first two rounds this year. They also get an extra third-round pick next year as well. Washington does get a couple of picks traded their way but nothing of significance. Pittsburgh would surely have their ears perk up if they got a trade call offering something of this value.

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