New Year, New Gear: 5 Free Agents the Steelers Should Target to Bolster the Offense

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8)
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The Steelers could sign Connor Williams

I mentioned earlier that while the Steelers have made some aggressive moves to get the offensive line rebuilt over the past few seasons, their work isn’t over. While a free-agent tackle will likely come with a huge price tag, the team could land a top center and not have to fork over as much money as a tackle would get.

Connor Williams has developed into just that over the past few seasons. He was drafted out of Texas by the Cowboys a few years back with questions swirling about if he is a guard or a tackle. Turns out it was neither, as Williams converted to center and has become a quality starter. He really took his game to the next level with the Dolphins before being lost for the season.

The Steelers still have Mason Cole under contract, and had this been the Cole of a year ago, I would be less set on bringing in a new option. While not elite, Cole was serviceable for the team at a reasonable price. That is no longer the case though, and he is likely to be cut before his roster bonus kicks in in the offseason.

This will leave the team without a quality center, and while they can risk it to just wait and draft someone, they had a similar strategy with Kendrick Green a few seasons ago. With so many other needs on the roster, locking in a top center in Williams would go a long way in perfecting this line as well as allowing the team to draft elsewhere as needed