NFL Draft Grades 2022: Re-grading the Pittsburgh Steelers draft one year later

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Michael Longo/For USA Today Network /
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Quarterback. . 7. player. . . Chris Oladokun. 55

I understand what the Pittsburgh Steelers were trying to do here, but the philosophy of taking a second quarterback when you are short on draft selections is questionable in itself. It makes it far worse when the QB you draft isn't good enough to even earn reps in training camp or preseason.

Chris Oladokun was a small-school player out of South Dakota State that certainly didn't have notable size, traits, or athletic skills. If they insisted on going QB here, Brock Purdy would have obviously been a much better option. Even Nevada's Carson Strong ended up going undrafted.

This decision was so questionable as the QB room already consisted of Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph with Kenny Pickett joining the team as a first-round pick. There was never a shot that Oladokun could make Pittsburgh's roster and the team simply hoped to have him as a scout-team quarterback.

However, this was a very questionable judgment call on their part. Seventh-round picks aren't expected to make the roster, but they at least could have drafted somebody who stood a chance. Oladokun was certainly a player they could have signed as an undrafted free agent if they really wanted him that badly.

Grade: F

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