NFL experts weigh in with draft grades after Steelers take Troy Fautanu

Did the Steelers find good value in Round 1 with Troy Fautanu? Here's what one draft expert had to say.
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The Pittsburgh Steelers came away with a player nobody was expected in Round 1 of the NFL Draft. With 6 quarterbacks selected in the first 12 picks ( a new NFL record), talent started to slide down the board, and Troy Fautanu was ripe for the picking.

Throughout the pre-draft process, the trail of breadcrumbs seemed to be leading to the feet of Georgia OT Amaris Mims or Duke C Graham Barton. With Mims gone, Barton looked like the selection, but Pittsburgh threw us a curveball.

Fautanu was somehow still on the board, and Omar Khan rushed to turn his card in for the athletic Washington offensive tackle. The Steelers later admitted that they had Fautanu ranked inside their top 10 players in this year's draft class.

While Pittsburgh's front office was thrilled with the selection, what do experts think about their pick?

Steelers receive 'A' grade from for Troy Fautanu pick Draft Analyst Chad Reuter weighed in on all 32 selections in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft and handed out early grades for each team. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, Reuter confidently gave Pittsburgh a grade of an 'A' for landing such a talented player at pick 20. Here's what he had to say.

"Analysis: Fautanu measures just 6-foot-3 3/4, 317 pounds, but he was a very effective pass protector for Washington with his 34 1/2-inch arms, natural bend and quickness. He may move inside because of his toughness and mobility in the run game, but being announced as a tackle Thursday night means he could stick outside to compete with Dan Moore. Fautanu's stock may have dropped a bit due to a reported knee issue, but the Steelers smartly found value in the stud lineman, who joins last year's first-rounder, Broderick Jones, up front to protect new quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. "

Chad Reuter,

Reuter notes that a reported knee issue may have caused Fautanu to slide a bit in the draft, but he applauds the Steelers for picking up the pieces when they fell.

Fautanu has exceptionally rare athletic traits and movement skills for an offensive tackle. At the 2024 NFL Combine, he boasted explosion numbers in the 90th percentile or above when it came to the broad jump (113") and vertical jump (32 1/2''). The collection of his athletic traits helped him test as a 96th percentile athlete, according to

Fautanu will now join Broderick Jones on the offensive line. While the Steelers assured us that Fautanu will be an offensive tackle, it's unclear whether he will be manning the left tackle or right tackle position for Pittsburgh next year.

The early thoughts, analyses, and grades on Pittsburgh's decision to draft Troy Fautanu at pick 20 are overwhelmingly positive. Steelers fans have plenty of reason to be encouraged by this selection.