NFL Mock Draft 2025: Steelers find their future QB in way-too-early mock

The Steelers were able to fill lots of holes in this 2025 NFL Mock Draft. They selected some big names.
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The 2024 NFL Draft class hasn't even been signed yet, but it's never too early to look ahead to next year. We still have an entire season in front of us before the pre-draft process begins on the 2025 NFL Draft. A lot of perceptions of the potential prospects coming out of college could change between now and then. 

Even though the Steelers have addressed plenty of their needs in the 2024 class, they will likely have other holes to fill next year. There are plenty of question marks on this team, which could create even more chaos if they don't work out. The 2025 NFL Draft will be interesting to see how the Steelers operate, and this mock draft has some big surprises.

. Quarterback. . Shedeur Sanders. 514. Sanders. Shedeur Sanders. 1. . player

Steelers mock draft round 1: Shedeur Sanders, QB, Colorado

This would certainly mean a couple of things have transpired between now and the 2025 NFL Draft. It would likely mean both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields failed to show that they are worth keeping around long term. We know Mike Tomlin loves NFL bloodlines and it doesn't get much better than Shedeur Sanders in that case.

He is the son of Deion Sanders, and that could bring somewhat of a circus and amount of pressure on the young quarterback. He lands in Pittsburgh, which is a quality place. The Steelers only have their current quarterback room under contract for one year right now. That will push this position into a top need.

Stackhouse. . Nazir Stackhouse. player. Defensive tackle. 527. Nazir Stackhouse. . . 2

Steelers mock draft round 2: Nazir Stackhouse, DT, Georgia

Adding to the defensive line is something the Steelers wanted to accomplish in the 2024 NFL Draft. They weren't able to address this need to the extent they would've liked. No matter how things turn out this season, it seems like it might be another year where the Steelers have to invest in the trenches with a top pick.

In round two they go with Nazir Stackhouse out of Georgia. We know the club has not shied away from top Georgia players in recent years. They have eyes on one of the best football programs in the college ranks. Stackhouse has a lot to show this year as he returns to Georgia as a fifth-year player. If he performs well then, his stock will rise, but if he fails to do that then he might plummet down draft boards.

Mondon. . Linebacker. Smael Mondon. player. . . Smael Mondon. 3. 527

Steelers mock draft round 3: Smael Mondon, LB, Georgia

Linebacker is a spot that could remain an overwhelming need for the Steelers after this upcoming season concludes. Who knows when Cole Holcomb will return and what kind of player he will be when he comes back? Elandon Roberts is a free agent after this season. Investing another pick at middle linebacker might be the best course of action for the black and gold.

Smael Mondon becomes the pick for the Steelers, which marks back-to-back picks of Georgia Bulldogs in this mock draft. He could be another prospect who will shoot up draft boards with a quality season ahead. He is a great player who is coming off a down year. The Steelers take Mondon to push the limebackers on the current roster.

Wide receiver. Mario Williams. . Mario Williams. Williams. 4. player. 519. .

Steelers mock draft round 4: Mario Williams, WR, USC

Even though the Steelers added a handful of receivers this offseason, there could still be a need next year. It might not be as pressing as it was during this draft, but the black and gold could target a player in the middle rounds. In this mock draft, they go with Mario Williams out of USC. He is a short and shifty receiver who should have a big year ahead of him.

Williams started off his career at Oklahoma before following Lincoln Riley to USC. He had a nice campaign back in 2022, but he fell off this past season. With a new group at USC this time around, one should expect Williams to take his game to another level. If he can have a breakout year, he could flirt with being a top pick in the 2025 NFL Draft.

. Center. 5. 535. Bryce Foster. player. Bryce Foster. Foster. .

Steelers mock draft round 5: Bryce Foster, C, Texas A&M

Yes, the Steelers took Zach Frazier and Mason McCormick to be their starting center, but that doesn't mean that they won't need help on the interior next year. Both James Daniels and Nate Herbig are set to become free agents after this season. One of them will likely re-sign, but that remains an ongoing concern, which could become an issue.

Herbig will probably depart the Steelers after this season and someone like Bryce Foster makes a lot of sense in this mock draft. They need a player to come in and develop behind-the-starting options. He should be able to provide depth at center and guard. If Daniels and Herbig both leave in free agency, then guard and depth on the interior of the offensive line will shoot up the Steelers to-do list.

. EDGE. . J.J. Weaver. Weaver. . J.J. Weaver. 6. player. 528

Steelers mock draft round 5: J.J. Weaver, EDGE, Kentucky

With an extra pick in the fifth round of this mock draft, the Steelers add J.J. Weaver out of Kentucky. The last time they took an edge rusher from this program, it was Bud Dupree. That pick worked out pretty well for both sides. Weaver will be an older prospect coming out of college, but he is someone who should be in store for a big season.

He plays in the SEC, which the Steelers normally love from their prospects. He has always been decent as a pass rusher, but this time he needs to apply more numbers. He is coming off the best season of his collegiate career, but he needs to find a way to get double-digit sacks if he wants a conversation about rising draft boards.

McCall. Quarterback. player. . Grayson McCall. Grayson McCall. 6. 2290. .

Steelers mock draft round 6: Grayson McCall, QB, Coastal Carolina

Remember when it was mentioned that both Wilson and Fields are only under contract for a year? Well in this scenario things did not go well and the black and gold need to recreate their quarterback room. Even if they sign someone in free agency in 2025, they will probably have two holes to fill at the position. They got Sanders in round one, and now they get another with Grayson McCall.

Coastal Carolina is a small program that had a couple of quality seasons a couple of years ago that produced NFL talent. McCall was once expected to be a good NFL quarterback, but that has tumbled some. He still has a lot of good qualities in a quarterback that could translate into him becoming a reliable backup at least. He fills out the quarterback room in this mock draft.

439. . Roman Hemby. Roman Hemby. Hemby. Running back. . player. . 7

Steelers mock draft round 7: Roman Hemby, RB, Maryland

Following this season, Najee Harris will be entering his final year under contract with the Steelers. He will probably price himself out of the range where the club should be comfortable paying the position. They could use another player or two at the running back position in the 2024 NFL Draft. They will have to remain focused on the future of the position.

Jaylen Warren is still around, but he will command some money too. Adding some other options to the running back group would be a smart idea in next year's NFL Draft. The Steelers take Roman Hemby out of Maryland. He is coming off of a down year, but their offense should revolve around him this season. Tomlin loves himself some Maryland players.

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