NFL player comparisons for Steelers WR Roman Wilson

High-end, low-end, and most likely NFL player comps for Steelers WR Roman Wilson.
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The Pittsburgh Steelers were praised for their impressive 2024 draft haul. With the 84th overall pick in the third round, Omar Khan and company were thrilled to see Roman Wilson still on the board. the lead receiver for Michigan's championship program was expected to be off the board at this point, and Khan wasted no time making him a member of the team.

In my scouting report on Roman Wilson, I concluded that the Steelers landed a sure-handed wide receiver who can excel from the slot and stretch the field with his 4.39 speed. Wilson has a physical demeanor and football mentality that coaches covet.

There are varying degrees of what the total package could look like in the NFL, and Wilson could be anything from a stable slot option to a borderline Pro Bowler who can win both inside and on the boundary. Here are my high-end, low-end, and most likely NFL players comparisons for Steelers new wide receiver, Roman Wilson.

High-end NFL comparison: Tyler Lockett

If all goes according to plan and Roman Wilson begins his NFL career like a man on a mission, it's not hard to see a career path similar to that of Tyler Lockett. This is high praise. Lockett made an All-Pro as a rookie thanks to his return ability on special teams, but he was never selected to the Pro Bowl as a wide receiver.

That didn't stop him from having one of the most reliable set of hands in the NFC for roughly a decade. During his rookie contract, Lockett wasn't an every-down receiver, but he made an impact when on the field. From 2019 to 2022, Lockett recorded 1,000-yard seasons in four straight years.

Wilson (5'10 3/4'', 185 pounds) has a very similar frame to Lockett (5'10'', 182 pounds) and both players possess impressive speed (4.39 and 4.40). If Wilson can overcome his size deficiency and play physically at the catch point to reach his ceiling, he could become similar to Tyler Lockett in the NFL.

Low-end comparison: Cedric Wilson

Not to be confused with Cedric Wilson Jr., Wilson Sr. was a former player for the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers back in the early 2000s. Wilson was listed at 5'10'' and 183 pounds during his playing career. He took a while to find his footing in the NFL, but he eventually carved out a role as a slot receiver during his professional career from age 23 to age 29.

This career path would be disappointing for a player like Roman Wilson as Cedric Wilson never exceeded 50 receptions, 650 yards, or 3 touchdowns in a single season. A lot would have to go wrong for Wilson to have this little output with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but with a similar projected role from the slot, a floor of Cedric Wilson Sr. isn't out of the question.

Most likely comparison: Sterling Shepard

Perhaps the most fitting NFL player comp for Roman Wilson is Sterling Shepard. A former second-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Shepard had a big role for the Giants early in his career before injuries derailed his promising career path.

Shepard recorded 65 receptions for 683 yards and 8 touchdowns as a rookie. His receiving yards went up in each of the next two years before his production plateaued and he started missing significant action.

Shepard was a smooth football player with soft, natural hands who did most of his best work from the slot with his 5'10'', 194-pound frame. Roman Wilson could be a very similar player in the NFL but with more upside as a field-stretcher.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.