NFL Power Rankings: Where do Steelers rank ahead of free agency?

Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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27. Houston Texans

At some point, it seems like the Houston Texans finally have to start turning things around, and perhaps they take that first step with a strong draft class in 2023. Houston has two picks inside the top 12 in the NFL Draft and they are likely to have their pick of the litter at quarterback. Going from Davis Mills to someone like Bryce Young could make a substantial difference -- potentially from the gate.

26. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are already on a downward trend. Now they are reportingly shopping running back Derrick Henry. A good running game and competent defense were the only things keeping Tennessee somewhat competitive in the first place. Now Ryan Tannehill is another year older and coming off an injury, and their skill players need a lot of work. I think they've got some rebuilding to do.

25. New England Patriots

We never see Bill Belichick teams ranked this low, but maybe this is a true sign that retirement is near for the legendary head coach. Quarterback Mac Jones took a step back last season, and the Patriots have almost no blue-chip players to create the foundation of their team. They are living year-by-year, and they aren't doing it well.

24. Indianapolis Colts

Finding a competent quarterback could help turn the Colts around fairly quickly, as they have some decent talent on their roster and a capable defense. With a new head coach and a top-five pick this year, I wouldn't expect them to be bottom-dwellers again in 2023.

23. Atlanta Falcons

I'm not a believer in this roster, but I do like some of their young pieces. Still, it's going to take a lot more than that to become a competitive team. The Atlanta Falcons could elect to go quarterback in the NFL Draft if they don't make a splash in free agency, but the fact that they have the second-most salary cap space to work with in 2023 is a great sign for their future.