NFL Power Rankings: Where do Steelers rank ahead of free agency?

Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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22. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers just haven't been able to figure out their quarterback situation, no matter how much money and draft capital they throw at it. Perhaps it will be different this time around, and many have them selecting Kentucky QB Will Levis in the NFL Draft. Regardless of who winds up under center, it's going to require some time to turn things around in a new regime.

21. Cleveland Browns

In terms of money and draft capital, Deshaun Watson is the single-highest investment by any team in the NFL right now, and he has a lot more to prove if he wants to be worth a fraction of what Cleveland gave up to acquire him. The Browns finished last in the AFC North last year, and that can't happen again if you sell the fort for a QB. But it seems very possible they could be in the same boat, as their salary cap situation is despicable right now.

20. Denver Broncos

I'm going to give Russell Wilson the benefit of the doubt and say that he looks more like his old self in his second season in Denver. The Broncos were one of the most disappointing teams in the league in 2022, but they have some pieces to work with. They just need to take a massive step forward on offense.

19. Washington Commanders

With their players returning to health, I think the Commanders could have a good core defense to go with some quality skill players. However, their quarterback situation remains the biggest question mark, and I'm just not sure what we can expect from their offense as a result.

18. New Orleans Saints

Adding Derek Carr should certainly give New Orleans' offense a boost next season, and the Saints aren't as far away as they might seem. Still, not having a first-round pick this year hurts and they are in quite the financial bind at $25 million in the hole ahead of free agency. The good news is they will have a chance to crown themselves champions of the NFC South in the NFL's weakest division.