NFL Power Rankings: Where do Steelers rank ahead of free agency?

Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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17. Minnesota Vikings

Personally, I think the Vikings were the most fraudulent team in the NFL last season as they struggled against good teams and had a concerningly poor point differential for a playoff team. While Justin Jefferson and their high-volume passing attack should help them stay in most games, they are among the bottom six teams in the NFL in cap space and their roster could be worse in 2023.

16. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers should be the most high-variance team in NFL power rankings this offseason, and the fate of their 2023 season could rest on where Aaron Rodgers is playing football. Jordan Love has been waiting in the wings for years, so he should be ready by now, but there's no guarantee they are even an average team next year.

15. Seattle Seahawks

I might be in the minority, but I'm not buying the Seattle Seahawks as contenders at this point in time. I need to see more than one good season from 32-year-old Geno Smith, and they could fall back down to earth in 2022. I like some of their young pieces, but I don't think they are ready for the big league just yet.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers

Based on what we saw in the second half of the season, some might argue that the Pittsburgh Steelers should be higher in my NFL power rankings. Though I do think their offense should take another step forward, it won't be the sizable jump fans are hoping for. Still, with a potentially strong defense and ball-control offense, this could be enough for the Steelers to be a borderline playoff team in 2023.

13. Detroit Lions

I don't know what Jared Goff we will be getting next season, but I feel like it could be hard to top his performance from last year. The Lions were also fortunate to come away with 9 wins in a season where their defense ranked 28th in the NFL. I think are just above the middle of the pack in 2023.