NFL Schedule Release: Pittsburgh Steelers most challenging games in 2024

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to struggle in these games during their upcoming 2024 schedule.
New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

We now finally know who the Steelers will be playing during their 2024 schedule. Not only do we know who they are playing, but we know when they will be playing them. It is an easier start to the season for the black and gold compared to who they will face towards the end of the campaign. There are a lot of unfavorable games for the Steelers.

Just because things look ugly now, a ton of things can change between now and when these games kick off. When you look at the overwhelming stretch of games after their bye week, there are plenty of potential losses on the horizon. We will see how they navigate that landscape, but it won't be an easy road to success for the Steelers in 2024.

Any of their divisional games is going to be difficult for the Steelers

It is broad to just label any of their divisional games, but it is true. Any one of their divisional games will likely be difficult to win, barring unforeseen injuries. They play all their divisional games after their bye week. That means they will play a divisional opponent six times during the final eight weeks of the regular season. That is a grind we have not seen on the schedule in a long time.

Add in the fact that the Steelers will be playing some of their tougher opponents on paper in between the divisional games, and it just makes matters worse. Again, we don't know who will be healthy later in the season, so these games could become more favorable for Pittsburgh. Right now, things don't look great against the AFC North.

Christmas Day matchup against the Chiefs could be ugly for Pittsburgh

Christmas might be a dark and bleak day for Pittsburgh this year as the Steelers host the Chiefs. The back-to-back defending Super Bowl champions are favored to win another one again this year. There are so many things working against the Steelers in this contest and it could result in a bad holiday for fans of the black and gold. It is at home, so maybe that helps some.

When you go up against Patrick Mahomes, you need your best game of the season to have a chance to win. Mahomes is like Tom Brady and will likely carve up the Steeler's secondary no matter if they are fully healthy or not. The Steelers play the Ravens four days before this contest, so that leaves little room to recover from one of the most physical divisional games of the season.

Going up against the Jets on Sunday Night Football could be a problem

High expectations surrounded the Jets heading into last season, but those fell off a cliff after Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury just minutes into his New York debut. We will see if Rodgers is fully healthy by the time this game rolls around, but he should be good to go. This could be another issue much like the one the Steelers will face against the Chiefs.

A franchise-level quarterback who could beat any defense that gets thrown in front of him single-handedly. It would produce a tough situation for the Steelers where their offense will have to overcome the odds and out-maneuver a star quarterback on the other side. Don't forget all of the quality pieces that the Jets have on their team besides Rodgers.

Atlanta is going to be a tough game to start the Steelers schedule

Most predict that this week one matchup for the Steelers will be an easy win. Don't be so hasty in that thought process as the Falcons are a different team from last season. They signed Kirk Cousins and have a new coaching staff. We will see how this one shakes out, but it should be a close game that comes down to the wire.

Pittsburgh should be able to find a win here, especially against Atlanta's weak defensive front. The Steelers should be able to control the run game and create chances off of play action because of it. Cousins is a solid starter in the league and is someone who should give the Falcons an opportunity to win their division and make the playoffs.

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