Notable Steelers player headlines NFL legends that played for a different franchise

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It has become less common in recent NFL history that star players stick around the teams that drafted them for their entire careers. The Steelers still pride themselves on keeping the top talent around for the length of their playing days. That has not always been the case, especially now as players are always getting the highest number in contract negotiations.

In the past, when a player moved on to another club, it was big news. Looking back on history people normally visualize certain star players in specific team uniforms. They are often forgotten when they move on to their new club at the time, but that situation still happens. Not everyone has a perfect career where they play for one team, but some stand out more than others.

O.J. Simpson played his last couple of seasons with the San Francisco 49ers

Everyone knows O.J. Simpson for his more infamous notoriety in past decades, but before that, he was a star football player. Both in college and the NFL, he had a Hall of Fame career that he would only tarnish. This article does not focus on those acts and will only look into the other club that he played for before his career ended.

Simpson would be traded from the Buffalo Bills to the San Francisco 49ers (his hometown team) in 1978 for four draft picks, all high to mid-round selections over the 1978 and 1979 drafts. Simpson would not amount to much with the 49ers and would only play there for two seasons. He wasn't terrible but he missed a lot of time. He will always be remembered as a Bills player than a 49er.