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Broadway Joe Namath decided to go Hollywood and move from coast to coast

Joe Namath built his name into one of the biggest in football history. He might not have been the best quarterback of all time, but his personality was next level. He grew up outside of Pittsburgh before he became the Broadway icon in New York that football fans know him for nowadays. His personality and play on the field got him into the Hall of Fame.

Considering that he threw 45 more interceptions throughout his career than touchdowns, it is kind of shocking that he made it into the Hall of Fame. Then again, if you look at the things that he did to change the persona of players and the iconic moments he created, it makes sense. He was a high-rolling guy who dressed to impress on the sidelines.

He was also behind the guaranteed win by the Jets over the then-dominant Baltimore Colts. Namath in the green and white colors of New York made sense and it was strange when he was released by New York so he could facilitate a move to Los Angeles and sign with the Rams. He traded in Broadway for Hollywood that year.

His overall health was brought into question, and he was not able to sustain as the Rams starter for long. Namath would start the first four games for LA, but that was it for his career in the NFL. His name was bigger than the quality of performance that he produced on the field. His playing days sputtered out and it seems uncomfortable seeing him in anything other than the Jets green jersey that he made iconic.

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