Notable Steelers player headlines NFL legends that played for a different franchise

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Franco Harris left the Steelers to go west and join the Seattle Seahawks

It is still hard to imagine that someone like Franco Harris would wear any other jersey than the Steelers. He was such a big part of the '70s dynasty and made one of the most iconic plays in NFL history. He is only one of three players currently to have their number officially retired by the black and gold franchise. The number of retired jerseys will likely increase.

Harris was a smart running back who was able to keep his body in shape and withstand a long NFL career that saw plenty of success. He was able to put up great numbers and help his team win four Super Bowls in the '70s dynasty. No one ever expected him to leave, but that officially happened when he joined the Seattle Seahawks in 1984.

Perhaps the worst thing was that Harris went through all the trouble of uprooting his life in Pittsburgh just to play a limited number of games for Seattle. He only totaled 170 rushing yards for the Seahawks during that lone year on the West Coast. His best days were in the Steel City where he belonged.

It will always be weird seeing those photos of Harris in the Seahawks uniforms as a constant reminder of him leaving town. Because of a contract issue between the black and gold and Harris, he felt that he could do better elsewhere. He took a better opportunity in Seattle, but it was not greener on the other side of the fence for him. He would retire after that lone season in Seattle.