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Mike Ditka is known as a Bear but he finished his career with two other clubs

Mike Ditka grew up in Pittsburgh and even attended the University that calls it home. After that, he would be drafted by the Chicago Bears where he would make a legendary career both as a player and a coach. His playing career saw him win an NFL Championship and a Super Bowl during his 11 years of Hall of Fame production through the 60s and early 70s.

His coaching career was great too as he was able to have one of the best teams throughout the 80s and win a Super Bowl with the Bears. Another change of scenery happened with him after he and the Bears departed again, and he joined the New Orleans Saints. That stint only lasted a couple of years and did not work out.

His playing days are more accurate to this article and most know him as the Bears legend and is synonymous with that franchise. He played just as much of his NFL career as a player outside the Chicago organization compared to in it. He would join the Philadelphia Eagles first via trade and be there for a couple of seasons. He was not a great fit there and would be moved again in 1969.

Ditka was traded to the Dallas Cowboys, and it rejuvenated his career. He was never the same player that he was with the Bears, but he was able to be a nice piece to help that Dallas club stay competitive. Ditka even won a Super Bowl a couple of years before he officially announced his retirement from the game of football.