Notable Steelers player headlines NFL legends that played for a different franchise

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Emmitt Smith just looked out of place when he left Dallas for the desert

There are many different legendary players that you could think of when you hear the Dallas Cowboys. Most hate them unless you cheer for the team. One thing you cannot deny was the amount of dominance that they showed during the 90s. It saw the team win three Super Bowls during that time and they had their fair share of playmakers.

Emmitt Smith was one of the best running backs to ever play the game of football. He produced unheard-of numbers during his time with the Cowboys. He spent 12 years in Dallas, and it seemed like they had a chance to win with him on the field. He still holds NFL records to this day that seem nearly impossible to break.

Seeing such a legendary player connected to one team leave and go elsewhere is hard to imagine. That happened here too as Smith was released by the Cowboys under new leadership that wanted to build a younger identity. The aging back would sign with the Arizona Cardinals and play there for a couple years before he retired.

His first year there was tarnished with a shoulder injury before he rebounded the following year. He was able to finish his last year of professional football with over 1,000 total yards on offense for the Cardinals. He showed that he still had some left in the tank, but his best days were in Dallas. The Cardinals stint seemed like a promoter that just needed a name to sell tickets.