Odds of Steelers trading for this star receiver are falling apart

If you're hoping Steelers execute a trade for this wide receiver in 2024, don't hold your breath.
Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan
Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers are in desperate need of some receiver help which has led to a lot of speculation that the team might try and trade for a new pass catcher. Just about every notable name has been speculated to be a target. At this point, most of the big trades are getting less and less likely, and there is a real chance this team rolls into the season without a great second option in the passing game.

The best name that makes the most sense has to be Courtland Sutton. On paper, the Broncos are in a rebuild, and Sutton wants more money. Given his age, moving on from him for resources would make sense. As was the case with Jerry Jeudy earlier this offseason.

A deeper look makes this trade unlikely for the Steelers

When you dig into the Broncos roster though, this seems less likely. Frankly, given the struggles so far under Sean Payton, there is some pressure on this team to perform, or else Denver could be on the hunt for a new coach. Thus the reason that they took Bo Nix in the draft, is that he could come in and compete to start right away.

He needs receivers though, and the Broncos aren’t exactly well off there. Sutton is their top target, and while he isn’t elite, he is still a very good starter. Tim Patrick has had hit-and-miss success, but injuries have derailed his career. Josh Reynolds is mediocre and Marvin Mims is an unknown.

They did draft Troy Franklin, but he is a fourth-round pick with a lot of questions attached to him. I’m not saying he won’t pan out, but expecting him to come in and start from the get-go seems rich. With a lack of receiving options, why would the Broncos want to part ways with Sutton?

If Sutton was making a big deal of things it would be one thing, but he isn’t. He has attended most of their offseason, and while he has expressed the desire for a pay bump, he isn’t actively holding out. This isn’t a major distraction for their team right now.

If you are trying to show some promise to keep your job secure, the last thing you want to do is part ways with Sutton and give your rookie quarterback fewer options to throw to. Next offseason if the wheels have fallen off this is a different story, but Denver shouldn’t be rushing to trade away Sutton.

This is bad news for a Steelers team that needs that boost in their receiver department. Unfortunately, it seems more and more likely that this group is set, and any other notable additions will be in competition for that second receiver role, not an established player to take on that responsibility.

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