Omar Khan cautiously avoids revealing Steelers draft secrets

Steelers fans are left guessing at the team's draft plans after Omar Khan's recent pre-draft press conference.
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Omar Khan and Mike Tomlin recently held their pre-draft press conference, and it's safe to say that we know nothing more about their plans during the 2024 NFL Draft.

In the past, former GM Kevin Colbert would make subtle hints about areas of weakness on the Steelers roster entering the draft, players they like, and positions they could target. However, Khan isn't a fan of this approach, and you can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

The Steelers' general manager has already perfected the art of talking without saying anything of substance. This likely has something to do with not wanting to show his cards to the world with just days until the 2024 NFL Draft.

The biggest thing that Steelers fans wanted to glean from this pre-draft press conference is where Pittsburgh could go with their first-round pick. The media has speculated that the Steelers could be heading toward taking an offensive tackle or center at pick 20, but Khan and Tomlin were careful not to hint at one position.

Khan was asked specifically about the center position. While he noted its importance, he also mentioned that they have 'guys on the roster who have flexibility.'

In addition to speaking about the upcoming NFL Draft, Khan also mentioned that linebacker Cole Holcomb was working hard to get back. Holcomb suffered a serious knee injury in the middle of the 2023 season. Khan still does not have a timetable for his return.

The biggest note from Omar Khan's press conference was that the Steelers aren't in the business of trading back if there is a good player on the board when they are on the clock.

Omar Khan took the right approach for the Steelers ahead of the draft

This certainly wasn't the most exciting press conference we've seen from a Steelers general manager. Omar Khan offered nothing of substance to the media. But Khan's responses are exactly what fans should want.

When it comes to the NFL Draft, it's time to play chess instead of checkers. Under Kevin Colbert, the Steelers have been far too willing to reveal their interests. In a billion-dollar business, you're competitors don't need to know your every move.

Because Khan has done such a great job of keeping things under wraps, Pittsburgh's first-round pick is going to be harder to predict than any selection we have seen in years.

In 2022, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers were taking a quarterback, and we knew they were going to turn their card in for Najee Harris with their top pick in 2021.

This year, we don't even know which position the Steelers will draft at pick 20. Let's hope Khan's unwillingness to show his cards works to their advantage during the 2024 NFL Draft.