Omar Khan hints at which positions Steelers could target in the NFL Draft

Did Omar Khan unknowingly share some of his plans for Pittsburgh early in the NFL Draft?

Feb 28, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan
Feb 28, 2023; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Omar Khan was forced to postpone his scheduled media session at the NFL Combine, but the Pittsburgh Steelers eventually had a chance to share his thoughts. In a recent interview with Max Starks, Khan was asked about a range of topics including his thoughts on his first full year as a general manager and the fifth-year option situation with Najee Harris.

However, the most intriguing comments came when Khan talked about the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Starks asked Khan about which positional groups coming to the NFL Combine stand out to him. Khan gave props to this very talented 2024 class and mentioned a handful of positional groups, but a few of his comments really stood out.

"When you see some really good corners and fun play-making receivers out there. You know, I'm excited about all the big men... Ever since I got this job, I prioritize how important the offensive line and the defensive line are to me. "

Omar Khan via interview with Max Starks

Khan was sure to mention the cornerback talent this year. This is a position that many speculate the Pittsburgh Steelers could use their first-round selection on, as there are four or five players who are deserving of being drafted in Round 1.

Without mentioning names, the Steelers GM also talked about the exciting group of wide receivers at the NFL Combine this year. However, Khan made it clear that he loves the group of 'big men' this year -- reminding us how important trench players are to him.

Did Omar Khan show his hand for the Steelers' NFL Draft plans?

Omar Khan kept things general enough in his interview with Max Starks that we don't know exactly where the Pittsburgh Steelers will go with their first pick this year, but these comments mean something.

Like it or not, the Steelers have never been good at hiding their interests, and after being an understudy of former GM Kevin Colbert for two decades and knowing how he did business, this is unlikely to change.

Judging by some of his comments, it certainly feels like the Steelers could be looking at a few of the positions we thought they would be all along: cornerback, center, and offensive tackle. These are widely considered the three biggest needs on the team, and for good reason.

Of course, because of his comments, we can't rule out Pittsburgh's interest in drafting a defensive lineman or a wide receiver early. However, it's much more likely that the Steelers will be looking at these positions in Day 2, based on team needs and the talent that is projected to be available to them.

By the end of April, we could find out that these positional groups were the plan all along. As the general manager, Omar Khan is the lead man in the front office, and his comments mean something. Expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to be looking at these positions he mentioned heavily during the pre-draft scouting trail.