One free agent from every positional group I want the Steelers to sign

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94)
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Steelers running back target: DeeJay Dallas

I genuinely think the Steelers need to add a third running back to this room. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren will be the core focus of this offense, but if either gets hurt next year, they will need a capable third option. They could look to the draft for a late-round option, but another name that makes some sense is DeeJay Dallas.

Free agency figures to be tough for the running back position. There are a slew of top names slated to hit the market, and with the running-back market this devalued, it will be interesting to see where everyone signs. Dallas isn’t one of those top names, but he has experience with the Seahawks and can handle some work if needed.

2023 saw his worst offensive performance from the former Miami back. It was a crowded room in Seattle and the top names stayed healthy, so he was relegated mostly to special teams work. In the past, he has proven to be a good compliment for an offense as both a runner and a receiver, and that makes him an intriguing third-back option.

That special team's ability is also great since that will be where a lot of his value comes for the team when the starters are healthy. He won’t earn much more than the minimum, can handle some snaps if needed, and is a core special teams player. There isn’t a lot to dislike about potentially adding him this offseason.