One realistic free agent target at every position for the Steelers

Steelers, Mike McGlinchey
Steelers, Mike McGlinchey / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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Free agency is right around the corner, and the Steelers have a lot of work to do to build out their roster. While moves still need to be made in order to add cap space, this team should be in a position to add quite a few new names via free agency. This team has a lot of needs, and they will need to fix some of those holes through free agency.

While this team won’t add a veteran at every position, I wanted to highlight a potential free agent the team should be targeting at every position. I have gravitated towards these names as I think they make the most sense from a value perspective and from what the Steelers needs are. Here is a free agent at every position that the Steelers should be targeting.

Steelers could use a veteran quarterback

The Steelers have their starter for better or for worse in Kenny Pickett, but everything behind him is a question mark. It seems like Mitchell Trubisky may actually be accepting of his role as a backup, and if that becomes the case, the Steelers won’t need a tested veteran. If Trubisky is cut or traded though, the team would be wise to grab a veteran like Case Keenum.

Despite a long career, Keenum has comfortably shifted himself into a primary backup at this point. That said, he is a capable player that can step in and start in a pinch. Keenum can mentor Pickett as well as provide stability to the backup room. He will likely be earning less than Trubiksy on top of this, making this both a logical and cap-saving move.