One realistic free agent target at every position for the Steelers

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Steelers could land a versatile safety

My pipe dream as a Steelers fan is for them to add a player like Chauncey Gardner-Johnson to their defense this offseason. If Sutton were to go elsewhere, Gardner-Johnson can fill his role as a slot cornerback and can play safety in base defense. The Eagles used him as a versatile weapon, and he rewarded them with elite defensive play and six interceptions.

The Steelers are likely only bringing one of their strong safeties back, and even then, Gardner-Johnson would be an upgrade over either. He has the versatility to play the slot or even as a hybrid linebacker for a defense. The ability to wear so many hats means that he can fill multiple needs for this defense.

This wouldn’t be a cheap addition by any means, as Gardner-Johnson will likely earn more than Sutton will. That said, his ability to play safety, cornerback, and even in the box makes him an appealing name. This would give the Steelers a top safety duo and versatility in the secondary that they can use while the front seven gets improved elsewhere.

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While the Steelers won’t sign all of these names, these are the most logical fits I could find given the need and potential cost of the free agent. The bigger names would be instant upgrades while the cheaper names would fill out the depth chart. Who's missing from this list and who are your free agent targets for the team in 2023?