One realistic free agent target at every position for the Steelers

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Steelers should add a veteran slot receiver

The Steelers receiving room is one of the weaker positions on the roster. While George Pickens is a rising star and Diontae Johnson is a capable player when his focus is right, there isn’t a capable third option and no one is an established slot receiver. While some fans claim Calvin Austin is the answer, he is a former fourth-round pick that didn’t play as a rookie. The team needs a veteran to provide some stability.

While there are quite a few pending free agents that would make sense, I’ve been steadily gravitating toward Jamison Crowder. He isn’t a traditional number-one target, but he is a fine slot receiver that is a dependable player when healthy. He missed most of last season with an injury, but he is still young enough to have a few more good seasons.

Given his injury, Crowder should be extremely cheap. While a budget option, he can compete and play in the slot while the team figures out what Austin can do. Crowder was a safety valve for his respective quarterbacks, and he can resume that role with Kenny Pickett in 2023.