One realistic free agent target at every position for the Steelers

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Steelers could land another tight end

Assuming the Steelers retain Zach Gentry, tight end isn’t the biggest position of need. Pat Freiermuth is a star, Gentry is a capable second option, and Connor Heyward was a unique addition to the room. That said, I envision Heyward to serve as a hybrid third tight end and fullback.

If that’s the case, another tight end is a smart addition to keep that room full in case of injury. There are quite a few names that make sense, but Maxx Williams would be a typical Steelers addition. Draft interest, pedigree, and the typical size the team wants makes Williams a natural target for this team.

It looked like Willaims was finally coming into his own two seasons ago before injury stopped him. He was a bit player last season, but he would be a capable third option at tight end. It wouldn’t be a ground-breaking move, but landing Williams would give Heyward some more positional flexibility next season.