One realistic free agent target at every position for the Steelers

Steelers, Mike McGlinchey
Steelers, Mike McGlinchey / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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Steelers can hunt for a starting tackle

While every name on this list so far has been reserve players, offensive tackle is the first spot where the Steelers should spend some considerable money. Neither of their tackles are great, and Chukwuma Okorafor is a possible cap casualty. My favorite name amongst the free-agent tackles is Mike McGlinchey.

The 49ers right tackle has become a steady and safe player along the line. While he isn’t among the top offensive linemen, he is a good starter that doesn’t have many weaknesses in his game at this point. If signed, he could be brought in at right tackle and man that position for the foreseeable future.

While many point to Orlando Brown as who should be the target for the Steelers in free agency, his projected contract is out of reach of what this team usually does. McGlinchey is a player slightly below his caliber, but he would come significantly cheaper and would still be an upgrade for this line.