5 adjustments Steelers need to make after loss to Texans

At 2-2, the Steelers have plenty of time to make changes
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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It has been a couple of days to let things simmer after the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered one of the most embarrassing losses in recent memory, and fans have plenty of reason to be worried.

The Steelers may be only 2-2 with plenty of season left to go, but the only way to spin the rest of the season in a positive manner is if this organization makes significant changes, just like Mike Tomlin assured in his postgame presser.

What types of changes need to be made? There are several, but five in particular stand out.

1. Fire Matt Canada

Is there any more obvious change the Steelers need to make than firing Matt Canada? Everybody knows he needs to go. The Steelers' offense is currently the fourth-worst in all of football in both total yardage and points per game, and is even averaging less passing yards than the Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals, for goodness sake.

A unit that once looked so promising during the preseason now looks like the same old dysfunctional offense that Steelers fans have consistently complained about under Canada. Pittsburgh cannot allow themselves to put the clamps on development for Kenny Pickett, but that's exactly what's happening.

Pickett is in Year 2 and still impressionable. He's still growing. But, if he is continually allowed to attempt growing under the wrong coach and in the wrong system, he is going to be ruined, and the Steelers cannot afford to let that happen.