Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Starting Roster: Their defense stacks up to be the best

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Both defensive tackle spots get filled by Steel Curtain members

Starters at defensive tackle (DT): Joe Greene and L.C. Greenwood

One of the hardest things to try and sift through was which defensive tackles you would start, and which you would bench. Some high-quality players had to be left off the team entirely, but the two starters make the most sense. L.C. Greenwood does not fit the typical mold as a defensive tackle, but that is how the game is lined up now.

Both he and "Mean" Joe Greene would continue to be a formidable force in the middle of this defense. Greenwood would be able to apply a good quantity of sacks in the middle and allow Hampton to also help in the run game. Greene can do it all and his leadership on this team would be unmatched compared to anyone else.

Defensive tackle honorable mentions: Dwight White and Cam Heyward

One of the biggest challenges was deciding who from the Steel Curtain could be left off the starting lineup. Dwight White got the chopping block here as Greenwood's pass rush was too much to pass up on. Having White in reserves would benefit all and provide a nasty backup that could come off the bench and pick up where the starter left off.

A surprising pick here as Cam Heyward makes the team as his career still continues to push onward. He is getting close to setting the all-time sack record in franchise history, which is almost unheard of by a defensive tackle. Heyward possesses great qualities both on and off the field that makes him an easy decision to keep on this roster.