Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Starting Roster: Their defense stacks up to be the best

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The Steelers cornerback room was loaded with talent that forced tough decisions

Starters at cornerback (CB): Rod Woodson and Mel Blount

Even though there is a stigma that the Steelers cannot draft and produce much talent at cornerback, they have had a lot of good players at the position. Rod Woodson is the most flexible position wise, but he joins this club as cornerback. Woodson could always be lined up at different spots in the secondary, but his shutting down an opposing receiver is the best option.

Mel Blount makes the team, and that might be one of the most obvious choices on this team. He had a rule made because he was too physical of a player and the receivers could not get past him. Most think Blount could still have a couple of NFL snaps left in him at his older age but having him back at his prime next to Woodson would be unfair.

Cornerback honorable mentions: Jack Butler and Ike Taylor

Looking back through different players through history and Jack Butler makes too much sense not to make this team. Butler played in the NFL for nine years, all with the Steelers from 1951-1959. He was a turnover machine and was one of the few players on the black and gold that made it into the Hall of Fame.

Other cornerbacks have played well for this team, but Ike Taylor keeps his name on the roster when it is all said and done. He was not a great corner in terms of creating turnovers, but he was able to shut down some top receivers in the NFL. Taylor might not pick you off, but he will not allow your top guy to create a problem for this defense either.