Pittsburgh Steelers biggest remaining needs after free agency

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5. Steelers need wide receiver depth

This one is hard for me. I've watched a ton of film on the 2023 wide receiver class, and I'm just not very impressed with what I've seen. Because of this, I would be fine if the Steelers didn't even want to take a wide receiver at all this year. Unfortunately, knowing that this is a need, Pittsburgh may be forced to reach earlier than I would like them to.

Diontae Johnson is coming off the least efficient season of his NFL career, while Calvin Austin III and Anthony Miller are both unproven with the Steelers and are coming off season-ending injuries. While George Pickens is coming off an awesome rookie season with upside through the roof, the Steelers don't have another good option for the 'X' or 'Z' receiver positions in the event of injuries to Pickens or Johnson.

Now, many could argue that the team could start looking for Johnson's replacement and point to the fact that Pittsburgh can get out of his contract next offseason to save money. This is true, but I don't know if the need is big enough at the moment to justify taking a WR early in a bad receiver class.

Either way, the Steelers clearly need depth here, and Pickens was the only efficient wide receiver option on the team last season. That's why I still view this as a relatively important position of need.