3 Steelers who deserve to lose their job after loss to Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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In a game the Pittsburgh Steelers should have, and could have won, it was rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson who came away with the victory in his second start.

The AFC North has become the most competitive division in football, and the Steelers let this one get away from them. It was a game they needed; a game they should have had won.

But, in the end, they took the loss. And, because of that, these three guys might deserve to lose their job.

1. Kenny Pickett

We have taken quite the turn from the 2023 preseason. Just a few months ago, the Steelers had everyone fooled. Specifically, Kenny Pickett had everyone fooled. This offense looked like it could be taking a big step forward behind the progress of the second-year quarterback.

But, Pickett has done the opposite. He is regressing in Year 2. His accuracy looks as bad as ever, sailing passes several yards out of reach of his receivers. His pocket awareness needs a lot of work, still. He simply has not gotten it done. The fact the Steelers have still won so many games this year in spite of his play is impressive.

Pickett just barely got over the 100-yard mark, throwing for 106 yards and going 15-of-28 in total. Instead of being a guy who can win games for his team, his team has been winning games for him. On that last possession, there was definitely some bad coaching that came into play, but Pickett's three incompletions were what Steelers fans saw close out the afternoon.

The Steelers very well could be looking at a change of quarterback come the offseason. It probably won't happen right now, but Pickett deserves to lose his job eventually.